24 February 2008

4 minutes in Jerusalem

Today at the JJC we had our annual Family University program, a family friendly series of classes open to all
Jewish institutions and affiliated and unaffiliated Jewish in town. This Year's theme was Israel, in honor of Israel's
60 birthday's celebrations worldwide. Visitors entered Israel by using their passports, and proceeded to various landmarks
of Israel. We had an actual Mini-Kibbutz and Pardes, where children and adults had fun milking cows and picking up citrus fruits from our custom made trees. Visitors also, visited the Shuk at Jerusalem, where they needed to buy goods with shekels and deal with our savvy sellers. Then they visited the "Kotel" (Western Wall) an actual replica of the Kotel made by a very creative Dad in honor's of his son's Bar Mitzvah. I was one of the teacher's at this station and visitors were able to learn about the Kotel's History and write their own message to G-d and placed it between the Wall's small cracks. It was really well done and everyone had a lot of fun.
As one of the Kotel activities, I showed visitors a small movie I found at You Tube. Would like to share with all of you this jewel of a movie. I know that after you watch it you will agree with me. Enjoy4 minutes in Jerusalem

Wish you were in Jerusalem and visited the Kotel? No problem, this great
link will take you there for an amazing virtual tour. I will highly recommend
to do the Tunnel's virtual tour as well. I have used this site in my
different classes at school and always get the same exciting reactions
from students.
One of the most uplifting experiences I had in a classroom, was when I
showed this incredible site to my 3Th grade Hebrew Class for the first
time, and one of my students was able to follow "live"her brother's IDF swearing ceremony as a "Tzanchan" (Paratrooper) that it was broad casted live and in full video/audio at the Kotel Kam.
The Kotel

No more words are needed after this!

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