06 February 2008

Our memorial of 12 stones

Our 12 stones memorial
A real adventure!

Subject: Sefer Yehoshua Chapter 4
Online text:
Technology media: Digital camera

After I have thought the subject on class, I took my 6th grade students on a small field trip to our beautiful backyard wood.
It was raining and I thought we will not be able to go outside, but the kids suggested taking our ponchos and umbrellas, (why didn’t I think of this before?) so, out we went.

First, I went over with the details written in sefer Yehoshua about the 12 stone memorial.
Then we try to cross the Nahar Yarden (Jordan River) by crossing our little bridge.

The kids then went on a mission to find 12 stones for our class memorial. A group of kids acted out as our “merraglim” (spies) since we were actually with in the limits with our neighbor school (They loved this part the most) especially when the "merraglim" came back saying that the“town was clear for battle” and someone then shouted:

כִּי-נָתַן יְהוָה לָכֶם אֶת-הָעִיר (For the LORD hath given you the city) .

I forgot to explain to them that we were not actually in a mission to take over our neighbor school! I was relieved when the girls reminded the boys their real mission.
When we finally regrouped, one of the boys asked if our re-enactment finished in the last verse of chapter 4, since he was concern that we will also be covering chapter 5 verses 1-9.
I told him not to worry since I was not really Yehoshua!
(If you are curious to know what this verse talks about click here:

The kids then suggested acting some of the verses we have learned in class to make a digital story.
Back in the classroom, students chose 2 stones: one to keep and one for our memorial.
I explained to them the meaning for our memorial. I suggested to keep their stone with them always as a remainder of our adveture, an also of our biblical story. I also added to remember the words: חֲזַק, וֶאֱמָץ (Be strong and courageous,) because Hashem will always be with them.

Reflex ions:
I suggest this activity as a follow up activity to text study.
The students are highly engaged and involved.
Students and teacher had a great time out off the classroom settings.
Students wanted to continue reenacting the p'sukim.
We were able to complete our activity with in one class period.


chinuch2me said...

Love your idea! How did you make the pictures look as cartoons?

chinuch2me said...

Love your idea! Wich software did you use to edit your pictures?