09 May 2008

Mah? Mah? Matzah

O.k. we all know that one of the key elements on a Passover Seder is the fact thatwe need to ask questions, this year my seventh grade students sure gave their families something to ask about during their Seder: a beautiful decorated Matzah!

This idea was born one day that I was looking for a different painting surface to use for an art project. I do not always paint on a canvas but I use any other material that I find around my home. This time I went to my pantry and found a one year old Matzah box. It got my attention the durability and texture of the Matzah, and rigth away started experimenting with it until I found the right combination of products to produce a beautiful art project. ( If you want to know how to make one, e-mail me. There is a little secret to it. )

My students had such a great time creating this project and at the same time, they learned different unknown facts about the all familiar "Matzah".

For instance: did you know that during the Middle Ages, people actually decorated the Matzot (plural for Matzah) for their Passover Seders? This practice was discontinued when a Rabbi stated that a decorated Matzah was not a true representative of the humble Matzah that our forefathers ate.

The real purpose for this decorated Matzah though, was to raise questions during the Seder. Along with their artistic Matzah, students also took along a document with 15 different interesting historic, unusual and strange facts about the Matzah trough history.

Each Matzah is a true piece of art that will last for a long time.

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