14 May 2009

Sefer Yehoshua map and board game

After learning the 10 first chapters in the book of Yehoshua (Joshua), then class was divided into two teams. Team one created a giant map of the route of eretz Israel conquest by navi Yehoshua. Team two created a giant board game with all the information students learned in class. Some of the materials used for both projects are acrylic paint, wood, paper, clay and insulation foam spray (this gives a great puffy texture to the hills and mountains), and craft sand.
The whole creation process took approx. 3 hrs. this is a great collaborative and multiple intelligence projects. After finishing their projects, each team presented their project to the other team followed by a question/answer session done by students themselves.
We all play the game board and I realized that I did not need to quiz them. They all knew their subject just fine. This was such a fun project to do!

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