20 May 2009

Ma Nishtanah HaLailah Hazeh!

Ma Nishtanah HaLailah Hazeh!

During the Holiday of Passover, we experiment in class creating art with Matza.
Yes, the humble, plain yet always needed unleavened bread, is the inspiration of beautiful art creations that students display at their Seder tables.
Decorating Matzot was in fact a costume during the Middle Ages, but it was
banned by Rabbis, who claimed that those beautiful decorated Matzot were far away from the "humble bread"our ancestors ate in Egypt. Students take their precious "Matzah Art" home hoping to raise questions during the Seder night.
If anyone is interested in learning how to create your own Matza art, please send me an e-mail and I will be happy to give out the instructions.

Take a pick of some of our classroom creations:

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