23 May 2009

Plays and re-cycle art

My workshop-classroom
So I have to admit that my classroom is not of the most ordered places you've ever seen; my students like it this way and I so do I. For me my classroom is a place where the process of creation takes places every single day. It is a place of exploration and discovery. Having learned from the most traditional e inflexible teachers, my approach to teaching reflects just the opposite; it is flexible, transparent and open yet it is also very respectful of my students learning and individual needs.
I like to think of myself as an artist who teaches Judaism and Hebrew.I can not think of another more rewarding profession than this.

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Andrea Hernandez said...

I completely relate to feeling like teaching is an art form!!
Whenever I peek into your classroom I feel drawn to see what the students are doing or creating. I often wish I could come inside and be your student, too. It always looks like so much fun. You really make Judaic Studies inviting, engaging and relevant.
Your blog looks great, too!