27 August 2009

My Mexican Shivah (Morirse esta en Hebreo)

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I was happy that my husband got me a copy while in a trip to Mexico. It brought me so many good memories.
The performance is superb! nothing less than "La Creme de la Creme" of Mexican/Jewish actors and actresses. The movie reflects a moment in the life of a very typical (and somehow dysfunctional) Jewish family (from Ashkenazi origin) in Mexico City during the week long period of grief and mourning (Shivah) following the passing of a family member, in this case, the family's patriarch.
There are many instances during the movie where one can identify it with any other Jewish family in the Diaspora.
The movie is humorous and it is rich in social, ritual and cultural interactions with in the Jewish Community in a Spanish speaking country.
The movie is definitely worth watching, although I think it could be fully understood or better appreciated by people who are familiar with a Jewish community from any Spanish speaking country.
Notes: Movie is in Spanish with lots of Yiddish expressions.

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