28 August 2009

Shalom Sesame 2010

Great news for all of Shalom Sesame fans. A new 12-part series will premier on December 2010 around Hanukkah time, and yes Moishe Oofnik (Oofnik is Hebrew for Grounch),the Israeli version of Oscar the Grounch, is returning along with Kippi Ben Kippod (The purple Porcupine.)
The first Shalom Sesame series was produced in 1986.
Also at this time, famous artists such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Christina Applegate, Ben Stiller, and Debra Messing will be appearing on the series that will be teaching children about Jewish Culture and the Land of Israel.

For a brief refresher watch the following video featuring Moishe Oofnik (my favorite character):

Follow this link to watch clips in Hebrew of Rehov Sesame.

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