01 November 2009

The International Day of Tolerance

November 16 has been designated by the UN as the International Day of Tolerance.  Intolerance, stereotyping and prejudice should be taken serious. Education is our only hope to fight them.
I totally agree with the way Rabbi Menachem Mendel defines intolerance.

"Intolerance lies at the core of evil.
Not the intolerance that results
from any threat or danger.
But intolerance of another being who dares to exist.
Intolerance without cause. It is so deep within us,
because every human being secretly desires
the entire universe to himself.
Our only way out is to learn
compassion without cause. To care for one another
simple because that ‘other’ exists."

You'll be able to find excellent lesson plans and activities related to this theme here:

Teaching Tolerance:

I will also be posting shortly 2 movies that teaches great lessons on Tolerance and you will be able to watch them enterely free online.

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