09 November 2009

Oh My God- the movie

Very interesting how I learned about this movie. I was reading a post on people's magazine online (yeah, I do read this kind of stuff!) about the singer Seal. He explains how his kids keep him connected to God (click on the world Seal to link you to a video of this) and how he has chosen over the years to see God in people.
It turns out that he is not the only celebrity that will be sharing their own thoughts on God. Filmaker Peter Rodgers has taken upon the monumental task of documenting the views on God from a variety of public:  from multi-etnic and multicultural people to famous celebrities, showcased on a visually stunning and provocatived documentary named Oh My God.
- "My goal was to find out what this entity that goes by the name of God means to people." -Peter says.
I visited the movie's website and it looks very promising. I am looking forward in watching this one.

 The original premier of Oh My God was in Jerusalem on last July. Unfortunatelly for us in Jacksonville, Fl there is not screening planned for here just yet. It will be coming to theathers nationwide on Nov 13
(on selected cities only).

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