02 November 2009

"Porque" -Why? by Yasmin Levy and Eleni Vitali

In this world dominated by intolerance, Yasmin Levy newest song "Porque" tells it all. I have always loved and admired this Israeli singer because of her artistic talents, her love for the Ladino language and for her personal way of embracing and sharing her sephardi culture to the world.
"Porque" is a remarkable song not only because it is sung in spanish (my mother language), but also because she sings it along with the great greek singer Eleni Vitali. I included the spanish and greek lyrics (if you can read greek), and I took the liberty of translating the worlds into english.
Unfortunatelly for us in the USA, Yasmin's newest album "Sentir" is not for sale on Itunes yet.


Este mundo profanado
Yo oigo el llanto de la tierra,
Gritos de pena,
Por todos lados
Ay ya no nos queda compasion.

Porque, porque la vida perdio su valor,
Porque se causa tanto dolor,
Tanta injusticia en el nombre de Dios.

Porque, porque los ninos dejaron de soniar,
Porque las madres no dejan de llorar,
Yo me pregunto como nos ve Dios.

English (Translated by Noemi Szoychen)

This world is so profane,
I can hear the earth screaming,
screaming in pain.
There is not compasion left in us.

Why is it that so much pain is caused?
and so much injustice is done in the name of God?
Why have children stopped dreaming?
and why is it that mothers won't stop crying;
I just ask myself how can God look at us.

The Greek Version
Μια μικρούλα φωνή, ανάβει
μέσα στην έρημο τρέχει για να προλάβει
να μοιράσει το φως, σ΄ όσους μείνανε εκτός
σ΄ αυτούς που ξέχασε και ο Θεός.

Καρδιά, μες στο σώμα σου γύρνα ξανά
νιώσε πώς η πικρή προσφυγιά
ξεδιψάει με το μαύρο σου δάκρυ.

Καρδιά, μες στο σώμα σου γύρνα ξανά
τα αντίσκηνα πιάσαν φωτιά
που θα φτάσει ως του κόσμου την άκρη.

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