22 July 2010

The Secret Files of The Inquisition

I had came across this extraordinary series created by PBS based on the unreleased secret documents from important European Archives such as the Vatican, regarding the establishment, expansion and dominion of the Inquisition in the world for over 500 hundred years.
The documentary is a DVD divided in 4 episodes, approx. 240 minutes in length and I watched it with my 13 year old son, who like me, is passionate about World History.
My son has previously asked me about the Jewish life during the Middle Ages, and I realized that it was a good time for him to learned the intricate roots of one of the most damaging periods in World History and its horrific impact on the Jews.
This DVD had really been an eye opener and a very enriching knowledge experience.
I will be posting later about some specific historical cases that stroke me hard, such as the Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara who until today, continues to be an open wound to his descendants and the world.
Another very interesting part of history that I vaguely knew before, was the key role played by Napoleon Bonaparte to end the Inquisition and grant the Jews religious freedom. The Jews were so greatfull to Napoleon that they included a special prayer in his honor on the Siddur (jewish prayer book)
 used in the countries under Napoleon's control. More information on this could be found at
The International Napoleonic Society including the copy of the Siddur in question.

Secret Files of The Inquisition

Part 1 (Root Out Heretics)

Part 2 (The Tears Of Spain)

Part 3 (The War Of Ideas)

Part 4 (The End of The Inquisition)

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