08 April 2011

Reinventing the fotonovela: Once 9:53

What is a fotonovela? If you grew up in a Latin American country, you probably remember that they were a sort of comic like booklet or pamphlet, illustrated with photograph and bubble dialogues telling a story or plot with a moral at the end. This simple yet powerful visual tool, was extremely popular back at the 80's. Just in Mexico alone there was a demand for 70 million of copies monthly. In fact, several of today's famous Latin American artists, initiated their acting and modeling careers in the fotonovela industry.
Mexican-American professor and author Ilan Stavans and Argentine photographer Marcelo Brodsky, re-think and re-invent the fotonovela and give it a Jewish twist: Once: 9:53 tells the story of the moments preceding the tragic 1994 terrorist attack of the AMIA Jewish building in Argentina.
This link will take you to read an article and excerpt of Once 9:53

Ilan Stavans and Marcelo Brodsky on Once 9:53 - a fotonovela from Habitus A Diaspora Journal on Vimeo.

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