12 May 2009

The organization of the Mishkah

An idea can turn to dust or magic,
depending on the talent that rubs against it.
-Bill Bernbach

In this short video you will watch students presenting the art project they created
after learning in
sefer Bamidbar (Book of Deuteronomy) about the organization of the camp around the Mishkan (portable tabernacle) where the 12 tribes were settle down.
This year I started documenting every project done in class. This is a short movie from mini clips I recorded in class with my
Nikon Cook Pix Camera. Magic Movie Edit Pro 12 was used for the Editing process (There is a new Movie Edit Pro 15 version of it.)
Every time we conclude a subject in class, students chose an artistic format to represent
what they learn. I let them experiment with different art and multimedia.
I will be blogging about different projects I have documented this year along with relevant lessons plans to go with it. Feel free to comment or share your ideas with me!

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