26 May 2009

Passover an emotional experience Part 2

Chag HaAviv
Classroom set - Yes
Materials ready- Yes
Computer set - Yes
Opening activity time: 15 minutes
Class discussion: 15 minutes

Opening activity:

As students started to arrive to class they had not idea why the room smell like citrus-cilantro and why they were hearing such an ODD music? (I had to reassure them that this MUSIC was harmless.)
I then asked them to close their eyes and make an imaginary trip to a green field filled with colorful and beautiful flowers. One student's imagination went so wild that he say that he can even smell it!
Then I asked each student to define in one word their imaginary trip. I also ask them to remember the color of the last image that had left an impression in their minds. Music continues playing. Students looked intrigued but willing to continue.
Next I ask them to stamp in the cardboard in front of them with the color they had previously chosen. I asked them to close their eyes again and then passed around red, green and yellow
gummy bears. I had high expectations as for identifying a color according with flavor, but then I remember these were my clueless 8Th grade students: "It tastes like lime, red morah Nomy" or
"This taste like an orange, it has to be green". Never mind, I was happy that they could identify fruit flavors. Then I asked: How can you relate this experience to "Passover"?
Some of their answers were: free, green, spring, rebirth, flavorful, happiness, colorful, love...
I asked them if their cardboard reflected the feelings and emotions they has just experienced, to what they all affirmed. The first layer of their art was completed. I could then continue to open a discussion on the concept of Aviv (spring) in relation to Pesach. The opening activity stimulated the student's memory allowing great contributions to the class.
To be continue.....

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