14 June 2009

The Open Source Jewish Culture

"Renewing the old and sanctifying the new"
Rav Abraham Isaac Kook

It seems like Rav Kook will be saying his famous words in reference to the Jewish Education in the 21st Century. In this new culture of web 2.0, networking and global collaboration , open sources initiatives are an easy, cost free and fast way for learning, teaching and professional development. Jewish education in the 21st Century must utilize these valuable resources. I am posting some new and great open sources initiatives that I am keeping a close eye to.

Jewish Text for Social Justice

Open Source Hagadah

Allows individuals and groups for creating their own prayerbook, by recompiling,
contributing and modifying existing texts.


Did you ever wish that a biblical verse or story were told in a different or
more creative way? This project gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and share your thoughts.

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