24 November 2009

15 minutes Hanukah online activities

If you work in Jewish education, you probably will agree with me when I say that there is never enough time to do everything you plan to do with your students. The Jewish calendar seems to get shorter and shorter every year.
There are a lots of challenges when helping students to create any computer or digital activity/project from start to finish. At our Religious and Sunday School, the activities and projects I plan with students (grades K-8) must be planned to the minute. Most of the projects are done on a "one time" visit (60 minutes long max), so logistics can get quite complicated, specially when you want to showcase student's work on the web and share it with parents ASAP.

Thinking of that, I've decided to start posting links to easy and quick online activities related to Jewish education. I will start with Hanukah (Channukah, Chanukah, Januca, Januka, etc.) since is already around the corner.
Some of the links are in Hebrew only, but if you need further help in finding something similar in english, I will be happy to try to help you. I can be found on Twitter as: Jewlearnit

Make sure that you have installed Flash 10 plug in to access these activities.


Hanukah jigsaw puzzles

Online Hanukah coloring pages

Hannukah wordsearch (english)

Hanukah wordsearch (hebrew)

The Hanukah House

Play the virtual dreidel (very cute and fun)

Hanuka puzzle (easy)

Hanukah puzzle (difficult)

Hanukah matching game (hebrew)

Hanukah on Babaganez (Tons of great Hanukah activities and games in english)


A very cute Hanukah interactive story by the Kidimonim


The Story of Hanukah (An excellent video and resources by The History Channel- All ages)

Listen and learn

Hanukah songs (lyrics, music)

Hanukah lyrics (in hebrew)
Hanukah music (from the Zemer Reshet Project)

*44 Hanukah songs (lyrics, music, background and sheet music) hebrew

*ZEMER RESHET: This is the most incredible Jewish music project available online (hebrew)

Online quizes

Hanukah quiz (english)

חדון לחנוכה

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