22 November 2009

Jewish symbols slideshow

Jewish Symbols on PhotoPeach

Lesson time: 60 minutes
Time creating the slideshow: 30 minutes

I decided to try a new slideshow tool called PhotoPeach and I was glad I did. In three simple steps you create a beautiful slideshow
such as the one I am showing above. PhotoPeach allows fast embeding and you can share your work through e-mail, twitter or post in a blog, facebook, and myspace.
For this slideshow, students made beautiful images using Pixie 2. This is a very cool and easy software to use to create art and images. Believe it or not, this was the first time that the 1st grade students use Pixie.
For this lesson, I first made a general review on Jewish symbols. Then I made a very quick overview of how to use the software and last, I asked the students to make an artistic creation on their favorite Jewish Symbols.
PhotoPeach also allows you to create a simple quiz. At the end of this slideshow, I made a very basic quiz with the help of beautiful pictures I found at PhotoSearch (Royalty Free). In this way, parents can enjoy  not only reviewing their kid's work but also helping them reinforce what they have learned in class that day!

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