07 November 2009

Henry Landwirth: Holocaust Survivior, Philanthropist, a real life heroe.

"I love life. I shouldn't be here. By all rights I should have died. My whole life was a miracle. I feel it is my duty to give something back. You have got to give of yourself --not money but the essence of yourself, that is what makes life meaningful".
Henry Landwirth

I first learned about this extraordinary heroe on one school's Mitzvah (Good deed) trip to
"DIGNITY U WEAR", a Jacksonville, Fl based company and warehouse, who in partnership with important retailers and manufacturers provides "cost free" clothing to people in need nationwide.
Donners and volunteers are the main force behind this monumental task. But the main motor behind it is Mr. Henry Landwirth.
He learned first hand how it feels to be stripped of dignity and anything important and basic thing in life: He is a Holocaust survivor who like many other survivors, suffered the imaginable: at age 13 he saw his mother begging for food at a Nazi concentration camp. This was the last time he saw her. After surviving several killing attempts by German officers, he realized one day that he is still alive.
His survival story is as heartbreaking as it is inspiring. Years later, after immigrating to the USA he made a vow in making a difference in people's life. “I know what it means not to have clothes – to be stripped of dignity and to give up all hope." This is one of the reasons why in 2000 he founded the non profit "DIGNITY U WEAR" organization. This company has provided:

  • Brand new clothing is distributed through a network nonprofit social service agencies, schools and other organizations throughout the United States:
  • 5.7 million pieces of brand new clothing■valued at $101 million
  • Has reached over 390,000 children and families in need
Henri's sparkle of life continues to touch people in so many different ways. He has founded other important and charity organization such as: Give Kids the World Foundation  and Hate Hurts.
You can learn about Henry Landwirth's inspiring life in his book: Gift of Life

MAKE A DIFFERENCE...One Jacket at a Time!

Dignity U Wear has a great opportunity to help 1,200 little boys look great in these beautiful sport coats. For $5 you can help us obtain and deliver to a child a brand new jacket tagged at $79.50.
One of our best donor friends in the apparel industry has contacted us about these jackets (sizes from toddler to 7) and asked if we wanted to purchase them. These are not seconds. They are absolutely perfect. For business reasons, they cannot be given away, but they can be purchased so cheaply we cannot say “no.
They are holding them for us for the next three weeks so we can raise the funds. Will you help us get them to children who otherwise would not have such beautiful, new clothing?
We need to receive tax deductable donations for 1,200 coats totaling $6,000. Please feel free to donate two or ten or 100! We will do the rest!
Thank you!!!
You can make your donation through our Website
You can also send a check to:
Dignity U Wear
136 North Myrtle Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32204
Attn: One Jacket at a Time

Give kids the World

Hate hurts: A lesson in Tolerance and Forgiveness.

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