08 November 2009

Planting the seeds of love

I do not think there is a more appropiated day to speak about tolerance other than today, specially after watching yesterday on the news, a video of the most recent Neo-Nazi rally that took place in Riverside, Ca (Intentionally, I will not link my blog to any place related to it).

So I decided to spread the word of Tolerance among my different classes today. I was very surprised to learn how little our children know about the meaning of the word Tolerance. It is evident that most students understand the word tolerant only in conection with the Holocaust, but it is still somehow difficult to identify a more general meaning.
However, I feel we were off to a great start.
Two important questions were brought up during our talk on Tolerance: how can you be tolerant with someone who is not tolerant to you? and how can you forgive someone who had comited any hate crime against you, your family and or your community.
We decided to take these questions home and bring up possible answers on our next classs. We are on a mission!

On my way to finding such answers, I came across a very special educational initiative  in Israel called Neve Shalom Wahat-el Salam
founded by Jewish and Arabs Israeli citizens to promote peace, unity and tolerance.

Neve Shalom Wahat-el Salam is a germinator of seeds of love. They are awared that they may not be able to watch and enjoy the fruit from the seeds they are planting, but are hopefull that perhaps their children will.
My search for answers continues....

Watch a video of the Neve Shalom Wahat -el Salam vill

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